New Agreement Lets Students Attend Two Colleges at Once

From now on, every credit earned at Angelina College will transfer to Sam Houston State University. A new agreement between the schools means students will have access to more than 40 different degrees at both institutions.

Dr. David Burris says, "The students will be able to apply to Sam Houston early. They'll get preferred treatment, reduced fees for joining the university and this will allow the registrar's office at Angelina and Sam Houston to transfer transcripts back and forth without a charge to the students."

Administrators hope the program will encourage Angelina College students to finish their two-year degree before transferring to Sam Houston State, and get the word out to students about the many educational opportunities available in East Texas.

Dr. Patricia McKenzie of Angelina College says, "The articulation agreement gives us a chance to highlight that and to invite them to AC, get a good start, get a great foundation, and then transfer to Sam Houston and be the best students that Sam has ever seen."

With an already stressful life of studying, final exams, and keeping up good grades, AC students say the agreement will make their lives a lot easier.

Laura King plans to be a sign language interpreter. Classes needed for her major aren't always available at AC.

"They don't give you the classes you need when you need them," Laura says. "You have to wait until the next semester and it just makes [college life] longer."

AC students might soon have even more flexibility. Plans are now in the works to make a similar agreement with Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches.