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The Texas History List: Texas music loses Stevie Ray Vaughan in helicopter crash

Stevie Ray Vaughn. (Source: Facebook) Stevie Ray Vaughn. (Source: Facebook)
Mansfield High School during the desegregation struggle. (Source: Mansfield High School during the desegregation struggle. (Source:
Stevie Ray Vaughan helicopter crash site. (Source: Stevie Ray Vaughan helicopter crash site. (Source:
(KLTV) - The state of Texas has such a rich, interesting, sometimes unbelievable history, and we enjoy refreshing your memory and ours with some Texas history highlights each week.

Highlights this week include:

On Aug. 25, 1849, Thomas Short ostensibly admitted his role in a cattle theft operation in a confession printed in the Texas State Gazette. His confession was surprisingly imaginative and vivid given the fact that he was only sixteen at the time. The Short family had settled near La Grange, where they engaged in agriculture, milling, speculation, trading, and controversy. They supported an underground railroad for runaway slaves. By repeatedly reselling the slaves at intervals along the way north and thereafter assisting with their escapes, they profited from their altruism. Other members were implicated, and one was even the first inmate at Huntsville State Penitentiary.

Joe, slave of William B. Travis and one of the few Texan survivors of the battle of the Alamo, was born about 1813, and on August 26, 1837, he made good his escape from slavery. Joe claimed that when Gen. Antonio López de Santa Anna's troops stormed the Alamo on March 6, 1836, he armed himself and followed Travis from his quarters into the battle, fired his gun, then retreated into a building from which he fired several more times. He was captured and interrogated by Santa Anna about the Texan army. He escaped. The last reports about Joe said that he was in Austin; that was in 1875.

August 27 was a sad day in 1990, as Texas blues musician Stevie Ray Vaughan was killed in a helicopter crash on the way to Chicago from a concert in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin. Vaughan was born in Oak Cliff section of Dallas in 1954, and taught himself to play guitar before he was an adolescent. He eventually won four Grammy awards. He was killed at the height of his career.

And on August 30, 1956, an angry mom surrounded Mansfield High School to prevent the enrollment of three African-American students in what became known as the Mansfield School Desegregation Incident.

Check out these links about events from this week in Texas history:

"Gentleman Jim" Ferguson, future Texas governor, was born in Salado on Aug. 31, 1871

Historic Independence Baptist Church in Washington County was organized by Rev. Thomas Spraggins and a small group of Baptists.

Chihuahua Expedition arrived back in Chihuahua City on August 27, 1840, after exploring a trade route to Texas and the U.S.

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