San Augustine Wolves see double on their defensive line with the Berry twins: 'They lead by example'

San Augustine Wolves see double on their defensive line with the Berry twins: 'They lead by example'

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - As an opponent looking at the San Augustine defense, you might be confused when you see double, but you're not only seeing double, you're seeing trouble.

However, the Wolves are used to seeing double every day with twins Cercharvic and Cercharvis Berry.

To answer the question they said always gets asked, yes they do have a little bit of their own language on the field.

"We look at each other, we talk, sign language, so yeah," said Cercharvis.

These twins have the same fire in them when it comes to the way they play on the defensive line, but two totally different personalities.

"Those two boys are crazy. One of them is a little goofy and the other is serious, and gets him serious," said senior quarterback Jamikel Roberts.

Cercharvis is known as the jokester

"I talk a lot, laugh a lot, make jokes, and do crazy stuff," said Cercharvis.

Cercharvis' twin brother Cercharvic said not to let his loose personality fool you because once Cercharvis gets on the line, he's ready to hit somebody.

"Then he snaps into a whole different person," said Cercharvic

Cercharvic is known as the serious twin.

"He keeps to himself," said Cercharvis.

Cercharvic said he has his reasons though.

"It's to try and control him," said Cercharvic.

The two different personalities seem to come together in a way that works on the field, and for head coach Donald Hubbard, he wouldn't want it any other way.

"I think it works well. I think they feed off each other," said Hubbard. "I've seen times where one of them is taking a late hit and the other is protecting him, or vice versa. Then one can be down, and the other goes and picks him up. It's a unique opportunity to coach a set of twins like this."

However, it's not always cordial between the two. They are brothers, and they fight like brothers too.

"They kind of got hot with each other the other day and I just let them have a little brotherly spat," said Hubbard.

At the end of the day, they always make up because they do have to go home to the same house and do virtually everything together.

Hubbard said both were starters on varsity as sophomores last year, and he expects both to continue to be leaders for the team this year.

"They both lead by example, they're always both in the weight room, they're the same way in the hall ways and in the class room, they're just good leaders in the school," said Hubbard.

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