Father Of Murder Victim Speaks Out

A Texas high school coach accused of killing his pregnant wife five years ago has made his first court appearance in the case. Investigators now believe 36-year-old David Temple shot his wife to death in their Katy home back in 1999. His wife Belinda Temple was from Nacogdoches.

David Temple was arrested Tuesday morning while driving to work. At the time of the crime, he told authorities he found his wife's body that morning, along with a broken window on their house.

Belinda Temple was eight months pregnant when she was killed, expecting the couple's second child.

Investigators say recent evidence was a factor in David Temple's arrest.

Belinda's father still lives in Nacogdoches. He spoke with us about his former son-in-law's arrest for killing his daughter. Tom Lucas tells us his daughter was murdered a few days after her husband and another woman professed their love for each other.

"Belinda didn't deserve this, and baby Aron sure didn't deserve this. And if David Temple did this, and didn't want to be married -- like Laci Peterson's mom said, there's divorce."

Tom Lucas tells the East Texas News, since receiving word of David Temple's arrest Tuesday, life for him has already changed.

"I got a good sleep last night, the first one I've had in a long time. It wasn't necessary to take my sleeping pills or anti-depressants, and it's already helped a lot. It's helped tremendous[ly]."

Lucas says officials with the D.A.'s office in Houston told him it could be six months before a trial date is set.