Angelina Co. Sheriff office purchases new cameras to help record interaction with civilians

Angelina Co. Sheriff office purchases new cameras to help record interaction with civilians
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - In light of the recent protest in Ferguson, MO over the shooting death of Michael Brown, law enforcement departments are now looking to make sure that interaction between officers and civilians are documented.

Recently, the Angelina County Sheriff's office purchased five new and inconspicuous cameras that officers will wear to help document an entire scene.

The cameras will be used to replace older, outdated body cameras that deputies currently had.

The cameras are located in the bridge of the glasses. Law enforcement officers believe technology can now help more than ever.

"Ninety-nine percent of the time, what happened has happened and a lot of times the perspective of it is a lot different once you get to look at it," said Cpt. Alton Lenderman. "It's not hearsay or what you remember."

The department recently bought five of these Ikam Extremes through a grant. Each camera allows for 20 minutes of recording time.

Lenderman said the best things about these glasses and sets them apart is the HD quality they get.

"They're like a pair of glasses, so whatever you are looking at is what the camera sees and so it is also audio, so know you can leave the vehicle and go into the residence or up to a vehicle and are looking into a vehicle," Lenderman said. "Anywhere you are looking, the camera is looking to."

The sheriff's department did not just buy them as a way to build up a case against violators, but also as a way to make sure civilians know their rights will be protected.

"We're always on our best behavior if there is a video and there is always video going," Lenderman said. I like to say it keeps everyone honest."

It's honesty that officers believe can help calm any tense situation.

Lenderman said the sheriff's office is going to begin to build up their monitoring equipment over the next year so that all officers will be able to be equipped.

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