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Your Week in Pop Culture: 'Saved by the Bell' movie bad TV at its finest

Will it be so bad it's good? Fans of 'Saved by the Bell' will find out Monday night on Lifetime. (Source: Lifetime TV/YouTube) Will it be so bad it's good? Fans of 'Saved by the Bell' will find out Monday night on Lifetime. (Source: Lifetime TV/YouTube)

(RNN) – Just as Labor Day approaches, the best of bad TV comes before the leaves change for fall.

On deck is the Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story that will premiere Monday night on Lifetime, and it looks by all accounts that it will be gloriously terrible.

Based off the incredibly exaggerated book written by teen-star-turned adult toy provocateur-turned bad stand-up comedian Dustin Diamond (Screech), the movie “delves into the experiences of six unknown young actors placed into the Hollywood spotlight, exposing the challenges of growing up under public scrutiny while trying to maintain the squeaky clean images … both on and off-screen.”

Plus with a line like “If the network didn't kill us, the hormones will,” who doesn't want to watch this dumpster fire?

The cast, picked by the original casting directors of the show, according to Lifetime's website, chose smaller, younger-looking and cheap versions of the originals. The only things that look dead on are the hair, makeup and wardrobe that made the show.

I mean, Preppy looks preppy, Lisa is dressed like she came straight from a Debbie Gibson mall show and Kelly is wearing neon-colored, high-waisted shorts. This is what made the show, people!

Several members of the original cast said they aren't going to watch it, including Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) when asked by a TMZ photog on Tuesday.

You can watch the first five minutes of the movie by clicking here.

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Pop culture questions answered: Did Tony Soprano really die?

The Sopranos creator David Chase angered lots of fans of the HBO mob series by not really having a real ending.

Since the series finale infamously “cut to black” on June 10, 2007, there has been one main question: “Did Tony Soprano die?”

Vox's culture editor Todd VanDerWerff tries to explain the beef with the series' ending in his recent article Did Tony die at the end of The Sopranos?

In the article, he point-blank asks Chase if Soprano dies. “He [Chase] shook his head ‘no.' And he simply said, ‘No he isn't.' That was all,” VanDerWerff wrote of Chase's answer.

While Chase's desire is to leave the viewer reeling with what could have happened, the answer is unsatisfying and curt but an answer nonetheless.

VanDerWerff makes one astute point when he says that Tony Soprano was one of the first anti-heroes viewers rooted for. Why do you think people love Walter White or Sgt. Nick Brody so much? Sure, they are a cancer-stricken drug dealer and a terroristic former POW, but they are so lovable in their own way. Tony Soprano started that.

Also, if you've never watched The Sopranos, get it together.

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Sports: ESPN regrets report of Michael Sam's showering habits

If it's one thing the “worldwide leader in sports” loves to do, it is unnecessarily stir the pot.

ESPN is taking serious heat for its unneeded report from the St. Louis Rams training camp, where seventh-round draft pick and defensive end Michael Sam has survived the first round of cuts going into the final preseason game this week.

ESPN reporter Josina Anderson answered Sportscenter anchor Jay Crawford's question on how Sam was getting along with other teammates. Her response was perplexing.

Anderson began by saying that fellow teammates say “he's just one of the guys.” All good there. Then Anderson talked about how, from another teammate's perspective, that “Sam is ‘respecting our space'” and looks like he's “Waiting on taking a shower” to not make others “uncomfortable.”

She also reported that two other teammates weren't aware of any inconsistencies with Sam's showering habits and “weren't keeping track of it.”

Who cares when Sam takes a shower? Are we supposed to care because Sam is the first openly-gay player in the NFL? Teammate and NFL All-Pro Chris Long definitely doesn't, tweeting Tuesday: “Dear ESPN, Everyone but you is over it.”

The sports network said in a statement Wednesday that they regretted the reporting. “Clearly [Tuesday] we collectively failed to meet the standards we have set in reporting on LGBT-related topics in sports.”

One step forward, two steps back, ESPN.

2 Spidermen meeting? It's happening on DisneyXD

Actor, rapper and comedian Donald Glover is finally living out his dreams to play Spider-Man.

Not in a movie, but in the Disney XD animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, by playing Marvel's half-Hispanic, half-Black reincarnation, 13-year-old Miles Morales.

In 2010, Glover, who was starring on NBC's Community at the time, expressed interest in playing a black Spider-Man for the then-upcoming movie. Andrew Garfield was eventually cast in the Amazing Spider-Man reboot. After that, the #donald4SpiderMan went viral online and inspired the show's creator, Brian Michael Bendis.

In a clip of the show, first published by USA Today on Tuesday, Morales comes face-to-face with the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker (voiced by Drake Bell), who was killed in the series by the Green Goblin in 2011.

Is it just me (and I know it's not) or does Glover's voice sound way more mature than Bell's? Did Morales hit puberty before Parker does in the series?

The new season premieres at 9 p.m. ET Sunday on Disney XD.

A little something from YouTube: Foul-mouthed toddler shows everyone shouldn't be part of Ice Bucket Challenge

By now, everyone and their mother has done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in an effort to raise money and awareness for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

Here's why it should probably be done with now: a 2-year-old, presumably from the United Kingdom, was another participant, and her anonymous parents recorded it.

It starts off pretty cute: a pig-tailed toddler in her toy lawn chair, challenging others with a petite British accent.

It's what follows that is the shock factor: once the bucket of ice water is dumped on her head, she jumps up and unleashes a barrage of curse words that sound more likely to come from a Cockney pick-pocket, not a toddler.

The video is NSFW, but you can check it out on YouTube, where more than 2 million others have wondered, “Where are her parents?”

The parents do not care what others think. The original video's description read: “Shock factor from this definitely worked. Comment flaming occurred = Comments off. Here for the comedic value not for parental awareness. Get over it.”

You "get over it" - that little girl should not be cussing for your amusement.

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