Junior Achievement to hit all classrooms at Diboll ISD this fall

JA in all classrooms (Source: KTRE Staff)
JA in all classrooms (Source: KTRE Staff)

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - Administrators at Diboll Independent School District have another program up their sleeve to make sure their students will stay inspired to pursue college degrees after high school graduation.

This year, the Junior Achievement program will be a part of every classroom grades K-12 in the district.

“Well, we had Junior Achievement last year, and we had it in sporadic parades throughout the district and after meeting with businesses…community members, and our board, we thought that this was a way to provide real job skills, [and] financial literacy,” said Daniel Lopez, the assistant superintendent for Diboll ISD.

The program is a part of House Bill 5, which was approved by the Texas Senate back in May of 2013.

“We always tell our kids that they need to have big dreams, but we never show them how they can actually achieve those dreams and Junior Achievement gives them the tools they need to actually achieve those dreams,” Lopez said.

The program will also be joined by several other programs that the district is looking at bringing back, Lopez said.

“There's an excitement there again. It started with that one class and last year it jumped to seven classes and now this year, it's going to be all the way across the district,” Lopez said. “So, it started with a small spark and it just kind of bloomed into a big huge wildfire, which is good for our kids.”

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