Few Flu Cases Reported in Lufkin

by Ramonica R. Jones

With flu shots hard to find this season, you might expect East Texas hospitals to be flooded with flu patients. Local nurses say that's just not the case.

This time last year, doctors were bombarded with flu cases, but hospitals like Woodland Heights haven't treated a single case of the flu -- at least, not yet. Nurses say, with holiday shopping and crowded stores, they expect their first load of patients any day now. Not everyone will go to the doctor when they get sick with the virus.

Nurse Patrick Gammill says, "Every case is individual. It depends on the symptoms, but there's really no treatment for the flu. It's just controlling the fever [and] making sure they don't get dehydrated. It's just symptomatic care."

People who get sick often assume it's the flu but, unlike a cold, the virus comes with high fever and body aches.