Lufkin Police on search for man suspected in aggravated robbery

Lufkin Police on search for man suspected in aggravated robbery

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Peggy Beddingfield has lived off of Hackney street for over 60 years. She said she just doesn't know why anyone would want to rob her.

“I don't have that much," said Beddingfield. “ I don't have computers. I don't really have anything.”

However, Sunday morning Beddingfield was a victim of an aggravated robbery. She said around 11a.m. a young black male simply opened the front door of her house and walked in.

"He said were is your money? and I said well who are you?” said Beddingfield.

She further explained that everything was happening so fast, that she didn't know what to do,” Beddingfield said.

"He threaten me with the knife and threw my walker across the room,” Beddingfield said.

As the intruder made his way through Beddingfield house she kept praying that the he wouldn't hurt her.

"I was scared," said Beddingfield. “ I am still nervous,”

She said the intruder managed to find $ 40 and some coins.

"He said is this all the money you got? and I said yes," Beddingfield said.

The man then left the same way he came in, through the front door. The intruder has been identified as 18-year-old Kentavian Holeman. Lt. Mike Shurley with the Lufkin Police Department describes Holeman five feet seven inches, 160 pounds black male.

If you have any information as to whereabouts

please call Lufkin Police at 936 633 0356.

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