Family of missing Huntington woman hopes to find closure after woman's body found

Family of missing Huntington woman hopes to find closure after woman's body found

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - The family of a missing Huntington woman is anxiously waiting for answers tonight, after the body of an unidentified woman was found off an East Texas highway.

A woman's body was found in the median off US 69, just north of Wells Wednesday, after workers came across it while mowing.

The Angelina County Sheriff's office said the body may belong to Sheila Morton, who has been missing for more than 90 days.

Since the body was so badly decomposed investigators weren't able to immediately identify who it was and that's why the family of missing Huntington woman Sheila Morton are patiently waiting by the phone.

"Right now the feelings going through me is that it is Sheila, because we have been praying for the last three weeks, four weeks…for closure," said Sheila's mother, Joan Morton.

Sheila went missing on June 2nd and ever since that day her mother has been praying and waiting.

"Everywhere I go, I look; every time the phone rings, I jump," Morton said.

"I pray all the time, morning, day, noon, and night, God let today be the day, let today be the day, I will take her anyway you give her back to me God, I have just got to have closure."

Sheila's mother says when she heard the news her first thoughts were what if this is someone else?

"Right away what went through my mind is that is there any other woman missing…in this area. I couldn't think of any," Morton said.

Morton said if it does turn out to be another person she hopes it brings closure for the family.

"It would hurt my heart to know that there is another mother out there, but she would at least have closure and I will pray for her because this is someone's daughter," Morton said.

The Morton family said for now they will continue to wait and pray.

"My heart has just about took all it can take and I will take her anyway I can get her," Morton said.

The body was sent to Tyler for an autopsy. Detectives are hoping that dental records will help determine wither or not the body belongs to Sheila.

It may be weeks before test results confirm who the body belongs to.

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