Find out how 'Hot Feet' got his name and help him find a home

Find out how 'Hot Feet' got his name and help him find a home

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Find out how this pooch got his unique name. This Akita mix is one tough pup.

"This is Hot Feet, and he's a really cool dog," said Andrea Schroeder with the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter. "He came to the shelter a couple weeks ago a road crew found him on South 59, and he was actually walking on the hot tar, so that's where he got his name of Hot Feet."

He is two years old with a cute curly tail and loveable smiling face.

Hot Feet as you can tell is a big boy, but he just loves to cuddle, have attention, and be loved. And he kind of thinks he's a big, bad lap dog.

"He's a special boy. He's very sweet," Schroeder said. "Very strong dog. He likes to jump and play. He would do good in an active home. Get some exercise somewhere with a big yard to run. Probably not the best apartment dog, but he's very well mannered, very playful, lots of energy, he likes to jump a lot."

Hot Feet is in great health, but he will need to be neutered. For more information on our furry friend Hot Feet, call the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter at 936-560-5011.

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