Salvation Army Hurts After Target Denial - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

12/03/04 - Lufkin

Salvation Army Hurts After Target Denial

by Chris Cato

The sound of bell ringers has always been heard at Target stores but, this year, the bells have been silenced, and that silence is having tremendous effects.

Captain Lola Maldonado of the Salvation Army said, "It's already affected us financially. Target was one of the spots that brought in most of the money, and we've also lost the bell ringer that's been ringing there since they've allowed us to do that."

The man most know as Happy Pappy will not be collecting donations in East Texas this year. He's normally a bell ringer outside the Lufkin Target store but, this year, upset he can't greet his friends outside Target, he's working with the Salvation Army in Waco instead.

With Target no longer an option, the Lufkin Salvation Army is using other options. Many other stores are stepping up to help.

Maldonado said, "The manager calls and says, 'Hey, we heard about what one business was doing, we would like to support you all.'"

The new bell ringing locations, like Belk, are doing just fine.

Walter Bowlin, a bell ringer said, "People has the giving heart this year, you know, to give, and I hope they continue throughout the season and the year."

The addition of the new stores is working well in Lufkin, but it presents a problem. Now the Salvation Army needs more bell ringers to ring in the season.

If you would like to become a volunteer bell ringer, just contact your nearest Salvation Army office.

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