Seven inspiring stories to start your week

Seven inspiring stories to start your week

(KTRE) - Need some cheering up? These seven happy, inspiring and uplifting stories from the past week will do just that.

A Pennsylvania baby seems to be doing just fine in the womb. The baby's soon-to-be parents apparently got a thumbs up from their unborn child.

A dog named Clyde has become an Internet sensation after starring in a YouTube video gone viral.

Halloween is still more than a month away, but the frights came early this year for a few unsuspecting people.

When Phil Laboon's relationship ended before his wedding day, he held his reception anyway in the name of charity.

A Lindale firefighter, injured in the line of duty in January, received the Star of Texas award from Gov. Rick Perry for his commitment to duty.

A Penn State student received national attention for her unusual hobby. She has made friends with a wild squirrel on campus.

A couple of Canadian car enthusiasts said they have set a world record: the world's fastest hot tub.

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