Angelina Co. health officials warn parents about Enterovirus

Angelina Co. health officials warn parents about Enterovirus

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Angelina County Health District wants to warn parents to be on alert for the Enterovirus D-68.

As of Thursday, there are not any confirmed cases in Texas, but the virus has been reported in 12 other states.

The virus is fairly common in children, but this particular strand can cause severe upper respiratory infection and has even sent several children to the ICU.

The health district says the symptoms of this virus are very similar to the common cold, but if this illness is not taken care of quickly it could be fatal.

"Be on the lookout for your child, especially if your child has a lower immunity, asthma or other respiratory issues." said Angelina County Health District Administrator Sharon Shaw.

"Just be alert, be aware. If they start running a fever and start having some upper respiratory problems, keep an eye them and make sure you talk with your physician or your clinic. Recognize that difficulty breathing issue and make sure you address that with your physician or the emergency room," Shaw said.

There are no confirmed cases in Texas right now, but the health district believes it won't take long for the virus to make it here.

Shaw said the only way to prevent the illness is to keep all surfaces clean and wash your hands regularly.

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