Groveton Church of Christ celebrates 90 years of fellowship

Groveton Church of Christ celebrates 90 years of fellowship

It sits on the corner of West Forth and North Main Street. For 90 year the Groveton Church of Christ has been serving the community.

Bill Raspbery's was baptized in the Groveton Church of Christ in 1957. His family was one of the very first families associated with the church. He said it's not just a church but a family.

When Raspbery's dad was away at war, he remembers the church stepping in to help his mom raise him and his twin brother.

"My mother brought us to church one day and it didn't take long before we got loose from her," said Raspbery. The preacher at the time Luther Blackman said hey boys if you don't go back and sit down I am gonna cut your ears off. It didn't take us long to get back to where my mother was."

The church was founded in the late 1800's. At first members would meet at one another's houses but as the church grew so did the need for space.

"On September, 1st 1924 it's conveyances was made." Raspberry said.

In 1948 the church got a minor face lift, when two church members got together and share the cost of bricks.

"Over 65 years later and its standing firm just like the member inside are standing firm for the gospel." Said Rodney Langley, Minister at Groveton Church of Christ.

From baptisms to wedding, the Groveton Church of Christ has played a huge role in Ted Hemnes life.

"The word family comes to mind. We are not just meeting on Sundays and Wednesdays." Said Hemnes.

Hemnes and his family were all baptized in this church. Langley said the church's foundation is so strong that it has withstood tough time such as hurricane Ike.

"It withstood a category one hurricane when it came through. We were without power for about 8 days and this building served as a shelter," Langley said.

This family has also extended their hands to those in neighboring communities.

"When hurricane Rita happened a lot of people coming out of Beaumont and Houston ran out of gas at this point and so the church help prove food and shelter," Langley said.

These stories are just a few examples of the love that stand within the four wall of the Groveton Church of Christ.

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