Affidavit: Crockett Woman smoked pot, friend snorted coke in front of 1-year-old girl

Affidavit: Crockett Woman smoked pot, friend snorted coke in front of 1-year-old girl

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Crockett Police officers arrested a 21-year-old woman on a felony child endangerment charge on Wednesday after her 1-year-old daughter tested positive for cocaine and marijuana.

Tanquieneck Porter, of Crockett, is still being in the Houston County Jail on a state-jail felony child endangerment charge. No bail information was available Thursday morning.

According to the arrest affidavit, a Child Protective Services supervisor told Sgt. Clayton Smith with the Crockett Police Department that a 1-year-old girl had tested positive for cocaine and marijuana on Sept. 16.

The affidavit stated that Porter took her 1-year-old daughter to the emergency room because the child was having breathing problems. The child was kept overnight for observation and was diagnosed with asthma.

On Sept. 4, Smith received a report from CPS that stated the 1-year-old girl may have swallowed cocaine. In addition, the report listed numerous other concerns regarding the child's safety and well-being, the affidavit stated.

CPS ordered the child's biological father to take the child to have him or her drug tested.

On Sept. 17, Smith interviewed Porter at her residence. Porter allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana around the child and that she knew it wasn't the right thing to do. Porter also told Smith that when she had a friend over, the woman snorted cocaine from a straw in front of her child.

"As stated, the drug test revealed that the child had extremely high levels of cocaine in her system," the affidavit stated.

Smith said in the affidavit that he believes that the only way the girl could have that much cocaine in her system is from swallowing the drug.

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