Winnie Berry Humane Society low cost shot clinic coming up

Winnie Berry Humane Society low cost shot clinic coming up

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Those who have pets will have the opportunity to get them vaccinated at a low cost during the Winnie Berry Humane Society shot and rabies clinic.

The shelter is trying something new this time: a voucher system.

So on Saturday, September 27, you can drive to the shelter and purchase a voucher for rabies, canine eight-way, feline four-way and microchips.

Then you can redeem your voucher at West Loop Animal Clinic all through the month of October.

It will make it convenient to keep your furry friends vaccinations up to date.

"This quarter, we will not have you bring the animals to the shelter," said executive director of Winnie Berry Humane Society, Scotty Nunn. "They actually won't even have to get out of their car, so we're hoping to make it a much more efficient situation and make it a less stressful situation for the staff and also for the parents and animals that we serve here in our wonderful community."

Rabies shots for dogs and cats are $10. Canine eight-way and feline four-way shots are $20, and you can purchase a microchipping voucher for $15.

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