One who doesn't give up

One who doesn't give up

You may remember a few years ago when Karen refugees came to Nacogdoches to work at the Pilgrim's Pride plant. Today, Donna McCollum introduces you to Shee Ku Wah, the first from the country to graduate from Nacogdoches High School. She'll tell you how she pulled it off at 6.

Lufkin police believe a Lufkin woman may have stolen three smartphones from a Lufkin retailer, then tried to sell them to a phone resale shop. Tonight, we do some digging, to find out what shops are doing to prevent thieves from profiting off stolen goods. Caleb Beames has that story at 6.

She'll give you the perfect dose of sweetness and at 6 Leigha Hughes tells you why you may want to take Bristol home in this week's installment of Best Furry Friends.

Jeff Awtrey

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