Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 09-18-14

Paul's Store at 1608 South Street: 21 demerits for old equipment needed to be hauled off, several expired food products needed to be discarded, back flow preventer needed for outside hose, soap and towels needed for bathroom, weatherproofing needed for all entries and exits, old sign on the outside of the building needed to be hailed off, old newspapers needed to be hauled off, shelves needed to be cleaned, damaged or missing ceiling tiles needed to be replaced, and store not kept clean and swept.

University Drive Kwik Stop at 1115 South University Drive: 19 demerits for hot hold at wrong temperature, several expired milks needed to be discarded, four-hour rule needed hand towels needed for bathroom, thermometers needed for all coolers and freezers, dumpster lips not kept closed, scattered trash needed to be picked up, back room not kept clean, cooler leak needed to be repaired, base of walls needed to be cleaned, and ceiling tiles not kept clean.

Mexican Express Food to Go at 1403 South Street: All cold hold temperatures at wrong temperature, cooler needed to be adjusted, test strips needed, accurate thermometer needed for outside freezer in storage area, and one thermometer needed to be re-calibrated.

Kim's Fresh Donuts at 129 West Spradley: 13 demerits for back flow preventer needed for outside hose, coffee pot needed to be kept out of the had wash sink, soap and paper towels not provided for hand wash sink and bathroom, toilet paper needed for bathroom, test strips needed, and dumpster lids not kept closed.

Kim's Deli and grill at 4712 South Street: 7 demerits for use-by dates needed and hand wash sink not kept unimpeded.

CC's Smokehouse at 2709 Westward Drive: 7 demerits for improper storage in cooler and pat to hand wash sink.

Schlotsky's at 2608 North Street: 6 demerits for one spray bottle needed to be re-labeled, sanitizer too strong, ceiling vents not kept clean, and weather strip needed for back door.

Burger King at 2921 North Street: 6 demerits for caps not kept on toxic items, one spatula needed to be replaced, floor bump behind cash register needed to be repaired, one ceiling tile needed to be repaired, and base of outside walk-in freezer.

Brookshire Brothers Deli-South Street at 1216 South Street: 4 demerits for chicken and ribs in cooler needed use-by date.

Kentucky Fried Chicken at 3007 North Street: 3 demerits for thermometers needed for all coolers, areas under monitors needed to be clean, hand towel dispenser needed to be cleaned, vents not kept wiped down.

Smoothie King at 2417 North Street: 0 demerits.

JD's Health Bar at 1326 North University Drive: 0 demerits.

Pizza Hunt Delivery-University Drive at 3102 North University: 0 demerits.

Subway-university Drive at 933 North University: 0 demerits.