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Popularity of smart phones has East Texas retailers on the lookout for stolen property


Lufkin Police believe a woman may have stolen three smart phones from a Lufkin retailer and then tried to sell them to a phone resale shop. Police spokesperson David Casper said that at this time the case is still under investigation, and an arrest has not been made.

As more smart phones are released, the rises of phone resale shops have become more popular.

"They come out so quickly,” Screen Geek's Manager Charles Brunner said. “There is a new device out on the market every two to three months; there is a new nice device launching."

It also brings people looking to rip off stores.

Brunner said cases like this have happened before.

"They'll bring in something that looks brand new,” Brunner said. “It's sealed in a box, never been used. They bring in multiple phones in the same day or a week. We get multiple phones, brand new, never been used. Why would you buy something brand new and sell it for a lot less?"

Screen Geeks has several safe guards in place like keeping all serial numbers and contact information for products turned in.

Brunner said they do this knowing that if they accept the items, it can hurt their bottom line and their reputation.

"It would lower our customer satisfaction if we sell something to someone [that is stolen],” Brunner said. “They are going to come to us and question why we would sell something that is stolen device, so it looks bad on us."

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