Affidavit: Crockett man who resisted arrest had weed in home with 2 small kids

Affidavit: Crockett man who resisted arrest had weed in home with 2 small kids
Reggie Owens (Source: Crockett Police Department)
Reggie Owens (Source: Crockett Police Department)

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - After a Crockett man allegedly assaulted two police officers that asked to search his apartment in reference to a report of illegal drug use and activity on Friday, he was arrested on a variety of charges, including assaulting a public servant, possession of marijuana, and child endangerment.

According to a press release, four Crockett Police officers went to an apartment on George Briggs Street to check out a report of illegal drug use and sales. The CPD officers met the Reggie Lynn Owens, the renter of the apartment, outside.

The officers immediately smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the apartment and asked him if they could search it.

"Owens began evading the officers and ran towards his apartment in an attempt to destroy the evidence before officers had time to collect it via a search warrant," the press release stated. "Officers pursued him and attempted to detain him and prevent him from destroying the evidence"

One of the Crockett Police officers stopped Owens as he was about to run back into his apartment and tried to close the door on the officers. However, the officer managed to get a shoulder and foot inside the door.

The arrest affidavit stated that Owens then pinned the first officer against the door and door frame and tried to push him out. Then Owens allegedly started punching the officer in the face.

After a short struggle, the first officer and another officer pushed the door open enough for the first CPD officer to defend himself by punching Owens in the nose, the affidavit stated. When the officers tried to take Owens into custody, he allegedly kept resisting by kicking and hitting at them.

Finally, one of the CPD officers deployed his Taser on Owens, and the officers took him into custody a short time afterward.

Once Owens was in custody, one of the officers noticed that Owen's two young sons were in the apartment. The oldest, an 8-year-old had been watching his father fight with the police officers, the affidavit stated. The 17-month-old boy had been asleep on the couch.

The officers secured the residence to make sure no evidence was destroyed, and obtained a search warrant.

When the CPD officers search the residence, they found 5.45 ounces of marijuana, scales, and $1,120 in cash, the press release stated. In addition, marijuana was found throughout the apartment - near children's toys and food. The release said the marijuana was within easy reach of the two little boys.

Child Protective Services was notified, and CPS officials placed the two children with relatives. CPS will conduct an investigation into the illegal drug use by Owens in front of the children, the press release stated.

One of the officers involved in the struggle with Owens was treated for injuries to his face and a finger at East Texas Medical Center Crockett's emergency room.

Owens was charged with third-degree felony assault of a public servant, state-jail felony possession of marijuana between 4 ounces and 5 pounds of marijuana, state-jail felony endangering a child, state-jail felony evading arrest or detention with a previous conviction, and Class A misdemeanor resisting arrest.

Owens' girlfriend, Tekedrah Colter, 23, was also arrested at the scene. She was charged with state-jail felony possession of marijuana between 4 ounces and 5 pounds.

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