Ellen trout zoo seeing improvements to pathways

Ellen trout zoo seeing improvements to pathways

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - With the weather starting to cool up, families might be looking to get outside on the weekends.

The Ellen Trout Zoo is always a favorite spot to get outside and enjoy the weather, but if you do go to see some of your favorite animals you want to be aware of the ongoing construction they are doing.

Zoo staff are improving many of the walkways and fences near the animal exhibits, which means many animal exhibits will be shut down for a short time.

Zoo officials are working in sections to help make the work less noticeable.

"It's temporary," said zoo curator Ceila Falzone. "We have done this at a slow time of year. The zoo is always open so there is never a time when it will not inconvenience someone, so we are just hoping people will be patient and understand the final product for them will be an improved experience with nicer pathways."

Falzone said the improvements to the walkways should be done within the next month. Once complete, the pathways will be textured to look like plants are laying on top of them.

"It will make it look more natural and less like a concrete pathway," Falzone said.

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