Ganging up on gangs

Ganging up on gangs

We did several stories over the past year on the growing gang problem in East Texas. Well, at Lufkin Middle School, the largest middle school in the state, we show you how they're tackling the problem early to keep the problem from growing more. Caleb Beames has that story at 6.

An East Texas school is making it their mission to combat childhood obesity. Educators in Livingston say they were inspired after a survey last year found Polk County was the most obese county in the state. Maleeha Kamal has that story at 5.

Hispanics make up about a third of the population at each Nacogdoches and Lufkin high schools. Those numbers reflect why the GEAR UP program is diligently helping families seek a higher education for their children. Donna McCollum explains at 6.

Of course it was a huge shock when the Nacogdoches Dragons pulled off the upset over the Lufkin Panthers last year. But this year, there is more anticipation for the game which was sold out in three days. At 6, Michelle Reed speaks to players and coaches from both sides of the river.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor