Lufkin liver transplant survivor: 'this was all about God'

Kevin Roy has survived a liver transplant (Source: KTRE Staff)
Kevin Roy has survived a liver transplant (Source: KTRE Staff)

Following the footsteps of God has always been one Lufkin's man passion, and when he almost died six years ago, it was that faith that kept him living.

"This was all about God. Jesus is my Lord and Savior and he's got a plan for me that I don't understand. But for some reason he chose for me to survive this," said Kevin Roy.

The 58-year-old Associate Pastor at Lufkin's Denman Avenue Baptist Church, spent months in the ICU back in 2007 after doctors discovered something was wrong with his liver.

"I walked out the door, I was so weak, and I just kind of crumbled on the floor," Roy said.

In October of 2007, Roy was being treated for another illness in the hospital when a doctor realized something wasn't right.

"They believed I had some liver damage, some Cirrhosis. They weren't sure so they referred me to a Hepatologist in Shreveport and I went to him and I did a biopsy and it came back that I did have Cirrhosis," Roy said. "They did some more tests and they determined I had Hemochromatosis."

Hemochromatosis is a disease that is caused when your body absorbs too much iron, especially in the liver, Roy said, and for most people it's life-threatening.

"By that time, I was pretty sick and didn't realize that I was as sick as I was," Roy said.

Roy could barely move, he said, and when he went to consult with the doctors about a liver transplant, he could barely make it.

"I was kind of in a state of denial. I didn't feel as bad as I thought I was. I was tired and I knew I wasn't right. But I didn't think I was as bad as I was," Roy said.

From then on, Roy spent weeks in the ICU technically unconscious as he fought for his life.

"You know, when you're faced with crisis you really have to choose if what you believe is really what you believe. I mean, you could say you believe stuff but when you're confronted with literally death, what are you going to believe then?" Roy said.

Roy's faith was the only thing that kept him living, he said.

"The church family was incredibly supportive. It's just a whole different dynamic to your life now. You know, you kind of get a second chance to do things--you learn what's more important," Roy said.

Unfortunately, Roy lost his wife in a car accident several years later, but he said his kids and his faith are what are keeping him moving. Yet, without God, he said he wouldn't be here today.

"God was there all the time. My church family was there, my family family was there. My wife and kids prayed for me like I never heard prayers. And to understand that God has plans and purposes that we can't begin to understand, you just learn that stuff is real," Roy said.

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