Students Fall Behind in Math

Students in the United States are apparently falling behind young people in other countries when it comes to Math skills.

Recent scores show 15-year-olds across the nation rank "below average" when it comes to using their Math skills in real life situations.

But, at least one high school math teacher in East Texas doesn't believe these numbers show the true story. She points out some countries only test their brightest students, unlike Texas, where all students are tested under the "No Child Left Behind Act."

Jody Anderson, who is the head of the Mathematics department at Lufkin High School, said, "I think if I'm comparing top students in the United States to tops students in Japan, I think we're fine. I think when we're comparing all of their population to all of our population I think I would get a better picture."

In the last ten years, five additional Calculus classes have been added at Lufkin High School.