Nacogdoches Dragon Community Partners help with non-budgeted expenses

Nacogdoches Dragon Community Partners help with non-budgeted expenses
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - School districts are always looking for innovative ways to raise funds and support for items not necessarily required, but certainly needed and wanted.

The Nacogdoches Independent School District is tackling the concern by enacting an idea that's worked successfully in other places.

Crystal Capps is selling Nacogdoches ISD. It's the first step in obtaining a NISD Dragon Community Partner.

"Basically, all these sponsorships are going towards the district as a whole, as opposed to one campus or one organization. It goes to everything," said Crystal Capps, a Nacogdoches ISD community development specialist.

Partners can spend $500 to $5,000 annually. The money is used for non-budgeted educational needs.

"Like new playground equipment, more educational enhancements, like the mobile science unit. Different teaching programs," Capps said. "It goes toward athletic programs, improving our facilities."

Businesswoman Nikki Evans Wallace is sold on the idea. As a Dragon Community Partner, she receives advertisement. The working mom wants it to tell customers she cares about education.

"It's for our children and it's for our community, and if we want to see improvements we need to take that extra step," Evans said.

Ads will show up on stadium fencing, websites, and eventually on school busses.

"This is an example of the first test bus signs that we're bringing in," said Rayanne DuChane, Nacogdoches ISD's communication coordinator. "We're going to take it and put it on the side of the bus and make sure it looks good and fits right."

The district is wanting those who buy and see the ads to develop a sense of ownership in their community's education.

"Because one we need the name recognition," DuChane said. "We need people to feel like they own their schools. These are their schools and that they can be apart of it in one way or another."

The district and its partners know the message is worth sharing.

The ad campaign will launched this weekend, just in time for the big football game on Friday. Sponsorships can be purchased at the NISD Support Center.

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