Diboll ISD addresses gun threats rumor

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - An apparent social media prank which got out-of-hand Friday is being investigated at Diboll ISD.

In a statement on the school district's website, Gary Martel said some students Friday morning began getting messages on Snapchat from an unidentified source stating they were going to harm them during the afternoon pep rally. The source added pictures of guns. Martel said students began getting information to the campus administration and staff began contacting authorities. Students then began taking screenshot of the messages and sending them to parents and friends.

The rumors began circulating on Facebook and parents came to the campuses to pick up their children, Martel said.

Martel said he then sent a call-out to the district explaining the facts and telling parents they were free to pick up their children. He said he also canceled the pep rally.

Martel said the school was never put on lockdown and there were no shootings or bomb threats, which were some of the rumors on social media.

Martel said a full investigation with the FBI, Diboll ISD police and Diboll police is underway and charges will be pursued to the fullest extent.

"Each of our campuses did a great job dealing with this issue," Martel stated in the press release. "We will learn from it and move forward. We will meet and discuss ways we can improve when dealing with this type of issue and how we can improve our emergency procedures, communication and policies. It is safe to say that the majority of our parents were very understanding and helpful as they checked their children out of school."

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