East Texas family needs public's help in locating missing man

East Texas family needs public's help in locating missing man

Elderly man Ernest McBride was last seen on Wednesday near Cushing.

His stepdaughter Ann Watson said this is not like him.

"He like to stay at home," said Watson.

Although he hasn't been clinically diagnosed family members thinks McBride has Alzheimer's, and just recently noticed that his health was slipping.

"My son had talked him into moving in with him and when he went to pick him up he was gone," said Watson.

She further explained that heard McBride wanted to make a trip to Nacogdoches first before leaving with his grandson.

"I believe he was going to see his wife," said Watson.

Watson doesn't think that the elderly man just up and left because he loved his family way too much. She thinks he must of hitched hiked his way into town, which he would normally do, but oddly this time he went missing without a trace.

"The dogs picked up his scent on FM 343 and they lost it into the road and we think somebody picked him up and gave him a ride," said Watson.

McBride has become somewhat of phantom in Nacogdoches County.

"This lady says she saw him by Walmart trying to cross the street to go North and she says she watch him cross the street to make sure he made it okay," said Watson. "She didn't call 911. When you see him please call 911 and stay with him until they get there or follow him."

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