Former DA Says Coney Rightfully Convicted

Hulon Brown was Angelina County's district attorney when Robert Coney went to prison for robbing a Lufkin grocery store. Brown says Coney isn't a free man now because he's innocent, but  because he's done his time.

"I think in the different counties and different states he was sentenced during all of this time, [the sentences equaled] probably 150 or more years in prison."

Brown says he could care less that Coney is no longer in prison, but he does care when people feel sorry for the former inmate and make him out to be a hero.

"I think that the public needs to know that a court in this county did not illegally or wrongfully convict an innocent person. He was as guilty as any person I have ever seen."

Brown says Coney can't be innocent for several reasons. Number one, he confessed to the robbery; number two, Coney's rap sheet is miles long, including 14 convictions and several escapes from prison; third, Coney's story has changed over the past four decades.

"He began to tell all sorts of stories about things that they did to him, [including] that they crushed his hands between the bars. He never told anything like that in either of his two statements, neither in the 1972 or the 2003 statement."