HAZMAT crew cleaning chemical spill on Lufkin's First Street


A HAZMAT crew is expected to be on the scene of a cargo chemical leak for the better part of a day after a truck driver was forced to slam on his brakes to avoid a wreck and spilled 100 gallons of a corrosive material.

HAZMAT Chief Richard Lenius said the driver was traveling on South First Street with about 35 55-gallon drums of sulfuric acid, which is capable of burning through skin. The driver had to slam on his brakes to avoid a collision with another car around 9 a.m. and in doing so, rocked some of the drums together and a few of the drums came open.

Lenius said about 100 gallons of the chemical leaked into the truck and onto the road.

The Lufkin Fire Department was the first to arrive and contained the scene. HAZMAT was then called to do the clean-up, in the K&M Express parking lot.

The driver, who was driving for Red Bird Transportation, was not hurt and is resting in a nearby hotel while the workers transport the drums and use a compound to clean up the chemical.

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