Lufkin Soldier Loses Life in Iraq

by Jessica Cervantez

Family and friends are mourning the loss of Sgt. Todd Clayton Gibbs, of Lufkin. He was killed Tuesday while serving in Iraq.

The news came late Tuesday night. Thirty-seven-year-old Todd Clayton Gibbs, Lufkin native, husband, father, brother, son, would not be coming home.

Bret Gibbs, Todd's brother, said, "It is amazing to me the commitment of someone who can leave family and travel halfway around the world to fight an unknown enemy, but be eager to go because that is the right thing to do for country."

Gibbs served in the Army as a platoon sergeant for the 506th Second Infantry. He was stationed in South Korea before being deployed to Iraq in September. When he spoke to his wife Melissa last Sunday, he was distraught over losing a friend that day.

His life would be next. Gibbs was killed by an explosive device while on patrol.

Bret Gibbs said, "Todd was probably one of the most caring and giving persons you'll ever meet. He is the type of person that would give the shirt off his back, literally."

Gibbs leaves behind a son and daughter, family and friends, and a nephew born on his birthday, September 9th -- a nephew he never met.

His brother said, "We're very proud of him. He's an American hero. We honor [him], and I'm very proud to call Todd my big brother. In my mind, he's a great American hero."

Family members say Sgt. Gibbs was proud of his family, proud to be a soldier, and proud to serve his country.