School Changes Could Impact Start Date

by Chris Cato

For many years, East Texas schools have started classes in the middle of August, and got out in May. Now, the Texas Education Agency is requiring districts to start no earlier than August 21st. The plan is getting mixed reviews.

Don Allen, Director of Curriculum at Central I.S.D. said, "The majority of those people serving in the district would rather start earlier. We had a discussion about that, and we do find that there are some parents that like for school to start a little bit later, but I think the majority of our people were in favor of the middle of August."

Most of the parents we spoke with don't seem too concerned about the issue. One parent said, "It wouldn't matter to me."

While some students may enjoy the extra vacation, they might not like all the consequences of such a move. They could end up extending the school year into June.

Allen said, "You're dealing with the same number of days, really, no matter what. I mean, we're required to go a certain number of days every year -- students are -- so you still have those same number of days."

More than likely, you won't have to worry about a late start. School districts can request a waiver to start school earlier. Right now, every district in Angelina County is trying to get that waiver.