Cherokee Co. releases specific clothing information on body found

CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office has released more identifying information on a woman who was found dead in the median on US 69.

The University of North Texas anthropological report states the woman is a white or Hispanic woman between the ages of 35 and 55. She is between 4-foot-11 and 5-foot-7 and her hair is dark blonde or light brown.

Her clothing was an extra-large Croft & Barrows brand sweater, size 28x30 Levis jeans, an unknown brand and size of an off-white one-piece body-suit with a black lace neckline and size-9 Marilu brand tan sandals.

Capt. John Raffield said the median was last mowed on June 6 and herbicide was sprayed on Aug. 13. Raffield said it is possible she was there when the herbicide was sprayed.

Raffield said there is evidence of trauma discovered during both the autopsy and the anthropological exam, but specific details are not being released to the public.

Raffield said a profile will be entered into the Unidentified Human Remains Index of the CODIS Missing Persons DNA Database.

The body was found by highway mowers on Sept. 3.

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