Lufkin PD: Couple was counterfeiting bills, shooting up meth in hotel

Lufkin PD: Couple was counterfeiting bills, shooting up meth in hotel
Melissa Marshall (Source: Angelina County Jail)
Melissa Marshall (Source: Angelina County Jail)
David Reppond (Source: Angelina Couhnty Jail)
David Reppond (Source: Angelina Couhnty Jail)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - While looking for man with outstanding felony warrants from the Angelina County Sheriff's Office, a Lufkin Police officer found two people at a hotel that were allegedly shooting up meth and printing counterfeit money.

David Odell Reppond III, 38, of Alto, and Melissa Jo Marshall, 33, of Lufkin, are both still being held in the Angelina County Jail.

Reppond was charged with third-degree felony forgery of a government instrument and Class C misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, and his collective bail was set at $8,000. Marshall was charged with third-degree felony fraud and Class C misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Collectively, her bail was set at $5,500.

According to the narrative of the police report, a Lufkin Police officer drove by the Super 6 Motel located at 1110 South Timberland Drive to check out a report that Dodge pickup driven and used by a known suspect during a felony offense was parked at the hotel.

When the LPD officer drove through the parking lot, he noticed a woman who was later identified as Marshall getting out of the pickup. The officer waited to see if the suspect with outstanding warrants would leave in the pickup.

After the LPD officer learned that check-out at the hotel was 11 a.m., he noticed Marshall leaving the office and made contact with her. The LPD officer asked her about the pickup, and she said that she had recently purchased the vehicle from the suspect with outstanding warrants, so he could leave town, the report stated.

Then the officer asked Marshall which room she was staying in at the hotel. According to the report, Marshall acted nervous and had trouble remembering the room number. She allegedly claimed the difficulty was because she was in the process of changing rooms.

When the officer asked Marshal if the man with outstanding warrants was staying in her room, she said that David Reppond, her boyfriend, was staying in her room and told the LPD officer that he could come to her room to see if the suspect was there.

Marshall opened the door, and the LPD officer noticed that Reppond was lying on the bed furthest away from the front door. He also noticed that bed closest to the door looked as though it had been slept in, the report stated.

The officer searched the room, and when he went into the bathroom, he saw a metal spoon with an off-white residue on it that was consistent with a method that methamphetamine is drawn up and injected with syringes, the report stated.

When the LPD officer searched the pickup, he found what appeared to be a fraudulent check made out to the suspect in the amount of $950. Marshall allegedly claimed she didn't know anything about the check.

Upon returning to the hotel room, the officer asked the couple if there was more illegal drugs and/or meth in the room, and Marshall allegedly said a friend had left the spoon in the bathroom.

During his search of the hotel room, the LPD officer found a used syringe on the front television stand and five new syringes in the closet area, the report stated. In addition, the officer found a folded piece of paper that contained what proved to be eight counterfeit 20 dollar bills, four counterfeit ten dollar bills, one counterfeit five dollar bill, and two counterfeit one dollar bills.

Later on in the search, the LPD officer allegedly found a printer/scanner under a dresser in the room. According to the report, he opened the top of scanner and found real US currency taped to the glass. Closer examination revealed that several of the counterfeit bills had the same serial numbers.

Marshall and Reppond both allegedly denied knowing about the printer/scanner and the counterfeit money found in their hotel room Marshall then said she must have inadvertently brought the items into the room after the man wanted on outstanding warrants left it in the truck, according to the report.

When the LPD sergeant search Marshall's purse, he found what appeared to be a fraudulent check made out to her that was identical to the one found in the truck in every way except the amount.

Marshall and Reppond were arrested at the scene, and another LPD officer transported them to the Angelina County Jail. That officer checked the video from his patrol unit and noticed that the couple were talking about the counterfeit money on the way to the jail and that Reppond had removed additional counterfeit money from his back pocket and tried to hide it in the back of the patrol unit, the report stated.

A supplemental report stated that the patrol unit video revealed that Marshall tried to get Reppond to confess to having the counterfeit money.

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