Timpson Holocaust survivor tells story to LISD students

Timpson Holocaust survivor tells story to LISD students

Seventy-seven-year-old Hans Polk spends his time making sure no one ever forgets what his family went through.

Polk grew up in The Netherlands, and at the age of six, lost 98 percent of his family when the Nazis invaded his home country during World War II.

"My parents had a plan," Polk said. "If the Nazi's were to come to our street, they were to drop me over the neighbor's fence. They did not hide because they had no money, but they wanted me to survive."

Polk spent his Tuesday morning talking to Lufkin Middle School students about the Holocaust and the murder of nearly 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany. Polk said he has become an advocate to those who feel bullied and mistreated.

"I advocate because there is a lot of people that still believe today that this never happened," Polk said. "I guarantee you that it did."

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