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Police Chief Announces Future Retirement

by Donna McCollum

After 32 years in law enforcement Nacogdoches Police Chief Bill Lujan is retiring at the end of next month.

Lujan started his career with the city 26 years ago. More than half that time he served at the administrative level. He's now looking forward to a more leisurely lifestyle.

The Chief took his share of ribbing since announcing his retirement plans. "When are you leaving?, asked a detective. "None too soon," answered Lujan with a laugh that potrayed his mood. "I think the word is giddy. I've had a lot of calls and a lot of congratulations. It's been really nice."

Lujan's decision was well planned, so no regrets on his part. Lujan received the interim chief position twice, each time for six months. Three years ago when the appointment finally became permanent Lujan was able to prove his skills to city leaders.

"Experience says a lot. I was assistant for 14 years. That helped a lot. If you go into a job knowing what you're doing, that helps a lot," reflected the 56-year old lawman.

Lujan helped his officers get much needed equipment, and more workspace to do their jobs. He also started a Street Crimes Program, a need he recognized over time. "You had to stay on top of things. You had to keep your pulse on the community and you had to change with the community. That's a big challenge," said Lujan.

But Lujan is ready to leave these challenges to someone else. Come January 31st he plans to start enjoying a well deserved retirement. "I think I'll slide right into it and never look back. I'm ready for it," Lujan said with another laugh.

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