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Holiday Safety Advice

by Jessica Cervantez

East Texas retailers are beefing up their security this holiday season. It is a way to prevent shoplifting during the busy time of year. But shoppers, need to be careful too.

During December, retailers see a lot of holiday shoppers. They love the extra business, but they also know having all these customers in their stores can increase the potential for shoplifting.

Belk Store Manager Susan Coats said, "We do plan things a little different so that we're on the look out for things that might be out of the ordinary."

One security measure is a sensor device on most merchandise that will go off when you try to exit the door if it hasn't been taken off.

Coats said, "We also have cameras throughout the store, we also have cameras outside the store, and then we staff inside the store, it's a loss prevention staff that helps inside the store. We provide good customer store, that kind of helps keep everything in control, shoplifters don't really like to be greeted."

And while extra eyes might be on you in the store, you also need to keep your eyes wide open when you're shopping, so you're not the victim of theft.

Lt. Greg Denman, of the Lufkin Police Department, said, "If you have two or three bags in your hands you need to go to your car, cover them up and go back in and do more shopping."

And of course, be careful when you walk to and from your car, and make sure you lock up.

Lt. Denman said, "'Tis the season and there are bad guys out there, they take advantage of crowds of big parking lots. To a car burglars, a big parking lot is a shopping center."

So as stores are guarding their merchandise, be sure to protect yourself, and your purchases too. By staying aware of potential problems, you can avoid unnecessary headaches this holiday season.

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