Luxie, a sweet yellow Lab, gets a second chance, thanks to volunteers, donations

Luxie, a sweet yellow Lab, gets a second chance, thanks to volunteers, donations

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Volunteers and donations made it possible for one particular Best Furry Friend to get a second chance.

Luxie, a precious yellow Labrador retriever, will hop her way into your heart.

No one quite knows what Luxie has been through, but she's already on her way to a better life.

"We received a call at our shelter for an injured animal that was under a house, so we dispatched some of our animal control officers to check on the dog, and we found this sweet dog here," said Aaron Ramsey, the director of the Kurth Animal Shelter.

"She had some injuries to her front legs, and she wasn't walking at all, so we were able to go ahead and bring her to Angelina Animal Hospital and having Dr. Syler treat her," Ramsey said.

You can see Luxie has casts on her two front legs, Dr. Lindsey Syler said that both her wrists were out of place. However, that's not stopping her from being best dog she can be.

"We were able to try, and they set extremely well so she's going to be in these casts for at least the next 4 to 6 weeks," Syler said. "She's extremely happy and is in absolutely no pain. She wants to run and play when we're outside walking her."

Ramsey said helping a dog like Luxie wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for all the volunteers who give their time and talents to raise money for the vet a homeless pet fund.

"And through gracious donations we were able to treat Luxie and get her one the road to recovery and to a better life," Ramsey said.

"She's an amazing animal," Syler said. "She knows some basic commands, and she's just done extremely well since she's been here in her casts."

She is also heartworm positive and will need a family that will provide the proper treatment.

Luxie is heading to foster care while she continues to heal then she'll be up for adoption.

To find out more information about our BFF Luxie or to make a donation toward her care,

call Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter at (936) 633-0218.

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