Snapchat hacked; Angelina College students concerned

Snapchat hacked; Angelina College students concerned

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - One of the latest social media trends has caused concern for its users. Snapchat is a mobile app used mostly by teens and young adults to send pictures and videos. The items sent are supposed to remain on the recipients' phones for only a set amount of seconds and later delete themselves.

Earlier this week, thousands of Snapchat pictures were leaked, and they landed on the Internet. Experts say that third-party apps, which are not allowed in the terms and conditions of the app, are used to save the videos and pictures that are supposed to be private.

A Snapchat spokesperson said that its app was not hacked, but the third party apps that are not secure. This leaves users wondering if it's safe to post pictures to this app or not.

Angelina College students say that they were more prone to sending intimate videos and pictures with the thought that they would only last on the sender's phone before disappearing completely.

This leak proved that there are ways for people to save the images and videos without the sender knowing. As long as there are third party apps, and the ability to screen shot, no one's chats are guaranteed private.

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