Truly 'til death do they part

Truly 'til death do they part

This Saturday, it will be 75 years since Alvin and Edith Campbell first said "I do." And now in 2014, Edith says she still falls asleep on her husband's shoulder. At 5, Blair Ledet tells you how this couple has stayed healthy and together after all these years.

The case is still pending against an Angelina County commissioner accused of using county equipment for family use. Tonight at 6, Maleeha Kamal explains why a man decided to blow the whistle on what he saw as corruption.

Graduation is still seven months away for most East Texas seniors, and one Lufkin student is afraid he doesn't have that long to wait. Walking across the stage and getting his diploma has always been Feliciano Alvarado's dream. At 6, Caleb Beames shows us Alvarado's teachers are making sure he gets that special moment even if it unfolds next to his hospital bed.

And at 10, learn how authorities say a couple managed to steal hundreds of thousands from the newspaper in which they were employed.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor