Lufkin ISD students may soon have more menu options

Lufkin ISD students may soon have more menu options

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin Independent School District students could soon get to choose what's on their lunch menu .School board members met Tuesday to discuss teaming up with a food service cooperative, which will allow student to pick and choose what kind of food they want to eat.

Sixth grader Chris Rogers loves to eat. He loves eating so much that his favorite subject in school is lunch. He said for the most part, he will eat anything, but there are some things he doesn't like to see in his cafeteria.

"I don't like the spaghetti, but I like the pizza and fruit," Rogers said.

Come Thursday, Rogers and others could soon pick what they see in their cafeteria. That's if LISD decides to join the Region 5 Food Service Coop. Currently, there are 47 school districts, including Huntington and Hudson, that are a part of this coop. Donna Middaugh, the director of student nutrition services said if the school district joins the coop, they will save roughly $35,000.

"Because you join 50 other schools, you have more buying power," Middaugh said.

Most of the items just aren't popular because of the taste factor. Middaugh says the product that will be served would be a lot better.

"Manufactures have been coming out with the food to meet these regulations at a fast pace, and they have to get better, " Middaugh said.

She further explained that school district must follow strict guidelines of whole grain breads and low sodium. However, they hope that this partnership will change that.

"Next year, when they have that food show, we will be part of it, and any student or parent can go and taste the food," Middaugh said.

Rogers said he can't wait because there's one particular item that he can't wait to see on the lunch menu - shrimp.

The school board will meet again tomorrow to vote on the plan for its final approval.

If the plan is approved, the school district will start using the coop in 2015.

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