Air compressor explodes in Trinity

Air compressor explodes in Trinity

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - The Trinity Sheriff's Office got calls this morning about a big boom that woke them out of their sleep.

"Like thunder, it was just a loud like…pshcooooo!" Trinity resident Tracy Housley said.

An air compressor at a local shop exploded, and residents within a four mile radius from the explosion could hear it.

Another resident, Joseph Collier said," Maybe 4:30, 5 o'clock, I guess it was. I heard a big boom. It woke me up out of a dead sleep. I had no clue what it was."

Authorities say if you have one of these in your household or your business, you should get it checked periodically to prevent tank failure.

"It exploded ripping the compressor opened, ripping the canister opened and it was inside of a small building. it blew that pretty much apart it severed a bunch of power lines and it was next to where the power outage by the building so it caused major damage to that," said Steve Jones.

The air compressor is used commonly for tires, air tools, and many people keep them in there garages. Explosions can be caused by cracks, rust, and ware. Local authorities add that the pressure relief valve and regulator need to be tested regularly to prevent these kinds of explosions.

No one was injured in the explosion and the company is making repairs to the building now.

Directions for maintaining air pressure compressors can be found in the item's manual. 

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