Nacogdoches Shrine Club Receives New Mini-Cars

by Chris Cato

The Nacogdoches Shrine Club received some new miniature additions to their organization Saturday. Club members test drove their new mini parade cars for the first time Saturday morning.

The Nacogdoches Shriners purchased the cars from the Hemphill Shriners. They say the cars will be a great addition to parades, and they hope to have as much fun as the Hemphill club did.

Earl J. Richhart of the Nacogdoches Shrine Club said, "They've had them about, oh, 10 or 12 years and, of course, they're kinda like us. They've gone up in years, and they can't make the parades anymore like they used to. We've got some younger members, and I think that we can make the parades."

Seven cars were purchased by the Nacogdoches Shriners, totaling about $5,000.