NOAA says a cooler and wetter winter is expected for East Texas

NOAA says a cooler and wetter winter is expected for East Texas
Source: NOAA
Source: NOAA

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Earlier today, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or

, released their 2014-2015 winter outlook for the United States.

Meteorological winter is defined as the three month period that runs from December through February.

For us in East Texas, NOAA is calling for a cooler and wetter winter season than compared to what we normally see during that three month period in our part of the state.

This wetter and cooler pattern has been speculated for quite some time, due in large part to the fact that the climate phenomena, known as El Nino, has a high probability of forming this winter.

El Nino is when abnormally warmer than normal sea surface temperatures form in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. This can then alter the jet stream and the weather patterns that take shape across the globe.

Typically for us in the Piney Woods and in the state of Texas, an El Nino period often does lead to a more active jet stream, and therefore, more Pacific moisture streaming in to give us above normal rainfall.

The big question that has yet to be answered, however, is will El Nino actually form in the months ahead?

For more details on NOAA's outlook, including what the rest of the country can expect temperature and precipitation-wise, click


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