Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 10-16-14

Ocean Buffet at 3613 North Street: 27 demerits for fire department-issued warning for using front hibachi, wastewater warning for floor drain in mop sink not secured, solid foods swept into floor drains, thermometers needed for all coolers and cooks, ice scoops not kept in clean containers, equipment not kept clean and sanitary, restaurant floors not kept clean and swept, foods not stored properly before employees leave at night, improper cold hold conditions, food items needed to be discarded, foods stored on freezer floors, prep cooler needed to be repaired, weatherproofing needed for back door, and no cap on bleach bottle.

Las Potocinas at 2904 South Street: 18 demerits for self-serve baker items improperly labeled, one pack of sausage needed to be discarded, foods stored on cooler floor, use-by dates needed for sliced meat, test strips needed for all three-compartment sinks, slicers/cutters/meat equipment not kept wiped down, clean, and sanitary, wall behind sliced meat counter needed to be repaired, vent-a-hood area not kept clean, areas around and under ovens and grills not kept clean, boxes, paper, and plastic needed to be cleaned up.

Pueblo Viejo at 2900 South Street: 14 demerits for coolers not kept clean, coke nozzles not kept clean, use-by dates needed, test strips needed for all three-compartment sinks, ice maker not kept clean. Area under equipment not kept clean and swept up, dumpster lids not kept closed, vents not kept clean, any damaged walls or floor areas in food prep area must be smooth and easily cleanable.

Maklemore's at 2304 North Street: 13 demerits for food stored on floor in storage area, cap needed for spray bottle, grease not properly disposed of, grills, ovens, and other food contact surfaces not kept clean and sanitary, walls, floors, kitchen equipment, dishes, and utensils not kept clean and sanitary.

Dollar General - University Drive store at 927 North University Drive: 10 demerits for several packs of wieners needed to be discarded, dented can needed to be discarded, paper towels needed for bathrooms, visible thermometers needed for all coolers and freezers, water-damaged ceiling tiles needed to be replaced, scattered trash outside needed to be picked up, stream on water cooler needed to be adjusted, and food protection management certification needed.

Napolis's Italian Restaurant 2119 North Street: 9 demerits for paper towels needed for all hand sinks, thermometers needed for cooks, cooler not kept clean and sanitary, grills, ovens, and other equipment not kept cleaned and wiped down, vent-a-hood area not kept cleaned and wiped down, pizza oven vents not kept cleaned, and dumpster lids not kept closed.

Clear Springs Restaurant at 211 Old Tyler Road: 3 demerits for ice scoop handle found in ice bin.

Sonic Drive-in North Street at 2903 North Street; 3 demerits for metal spatula needed to be replaced and floor area with missing tiles needed to be repaired.

Senior Center Kitchen at 621 Harris: 3 demerits for bleach container not labeled.

Hungry Howie's Pizza at 3205 North University Drive, Suite E: 0 demerits.