Angelina County Ebola protocols in place

Angelina County Ebola protocols in place

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - We are just a few hours from the recent ebola outbreaks in Dallas, so we asked the emergency manager coordinator, Don Morris, just how prepared east Texas would be in the event of an outbreak right here.

Don Morris said, "We're as prepared as any of the hospitals can be on this."

Angelina County's main effort has been to stay on the same page as all other departments and make sure protocols comply with CDC's protocols.

"Angelina County works hand in hand with Angelina County Health District and the hospital and the city of lufkin the emergency management team which includes the EMS,"said Morris.

Morris told us that they have been monitoring the virus and its updates. Alerts, bulletins, frequent emails, and meetings have become a part of a normal day as the U.S. faces the risks of the virus.

The emergency management office has passed out flyers to make people more aware of the facts on Ebola. The flyers clear up misconceptions about the virus. One example is the thought that Ebola is airborne. It is not.

Angelina County has been sure to learn all the details on the virus such as how it's contracted, how to put on the proper protective ware, and how to clean surfaces the virus has had contact with .Anyone can listen in on the conference calls that discuss any new information or protocol for Ebola.

"You want to keep an eye on it, monitor it, make sure that you know what's happening and be prepared just in case something does happen," said Morris.

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