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Search Continues While Friends Remember Jennifer Wilkerson

It's been almost six months since the disappearance of 27 year-old Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson. Since then the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department has followed several leads that have all come to a dead end. Saturday, one lead brought them to a piece of property in Northwest Lubbock. The search began early this morning, members of the Sheriff's department found no evidence that could be linked to the disappearance of Wilkerson, but still Sergeant Greg Parrott says they are getting closer each day.

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"Every day we receive something, something new something different that leads us in hopefully a positive direction and we feel that we are going to have resolution in this case very soon," says Sgt. Parrott.

It was through witness interviews the Sheriff's Department decided to search this field in Northwest Lubbock on Saturday. It was a search that like the previous ones came to a dead end. Still Sgt. Parrott remains positive.

"We've come out to several of those locations and have been conducting searches of those areas. If nothing else we've been able to rule out some properties," says Sgt. Parrott.

In the meantime friends and family wait for Wilkerson's return or for at least a sense of closure.

"It's just weird nothing nothing fits together. Once things start fitting together then something else comes up that just makes it all, it's just crazy," says Jessica Bullock, Wilkerson's roommate.

Bullock says Wilkerson was the type to drop everything when she knew a friend needed help.

"If I was having a problem, she would make me laugh and if she was having a problem I'd make her laugh and hearing her laugh would make me laugh. I wish she'd come back," says Bullock.

Bullock says the circumstances surrounding Wilkerson's disappearance is what is most peculiar. Wilkerson left her purse, wallet, cell phone and house keys. In fact not a single one of her things vanished along with her.

"She was getting paid the next day she never picked up her paycheck. Just everything that she would have done she didn't do," says Bullock.

Bullock believes that somehow, somewhere Wilkerson left a clue.

"Her favorite show was CSI so if anything happened to her she'll do something for us to find her. I mean it's Jennifer something will come up she's smart enough," says Bullock.

For now all friends and family can do is pray and wait, while the sheriff's department works to discover the clue that many believe Wilkerson could have left behind.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson, you're encouraged to call the Sheriff's Office at 775-1601 . All callers will remain anonymous.

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