East Texas Superintendents say plans in place in case of Ebola

East Texas Superintendents say plans in place in case of Ebola

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - East Texas school districts are reviewing their pandemic plans after three Central Texas schools announced they will remain closed until Monday due to the threat of Ebola.

Three Belton ISD schools announced they would be closed as a precaution after three siblings in the district were on a Frontier Airlines flight that was carrying Ebola patient Amber Vinson.

"If there is a strain of virus that appears in the county, then the superintendents really speak daily," Hudson ISD Superintendent Mary Ann Whiteker said.

Whiteker said if an Ebola concern arises, the district will notify the parents through their automated phones and email. Apple Springs officials said they have a similar system in place and feel they are ready to handle a concern if one arises.

"In the past [with the flu] We've brought in cleaning crews and hazmat crews, things of that nature before we would allow students back into the classroom, so I'm sure we would follow that same protocol," Superintendent Cody Moree said.

Hudson ISD also has a Pandemic Preparedness handbook and are currently looking at how they can add Ebola protocol to the book.

Moree said his district is monitoring the situation and said they will need to see how it affects the entire student body before making a decision.

"If we feel like something prevalent and there is the possibility of spreading and affecting more of our kids, then we would have to make that decision," Moree said.

Whiteker said other activities could be affected as well.

"If there is any possibility that could result in children getting sick or in a situation that is not safe, we will cancel and reschedule," Whiteker said.

The districts don't think they will ever have to use the plans but say it is better to be prepared for any possible health risk rather than pay the price later.

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