Lufkin woman shares her extreme couponing secrets

Lufkin woman shares her extreme couponing secrets

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin woman is saving big bucks in her grocery basket because of coupons. She's gifted in the art of extreme couponing.

The coupon expert is teaching classes to folks who want to get in on the extreme savings.

"Twenty-four boxes of cereal for 48 cents, instead of paying three or four dollars a box," said Lisa Wiess, an extreme couponer.

These are the kinds of deals Lisa gets by extreme couponing.

"The whole concept of extreme couponing is that you buy things when it's its rock-bottom price and you buy enough," Lisa said. "You learn the sales cycles, and you know how they cycle around."

Lisa took the East Texas News through her elaborate pantry, which was stocked with items she bought for prices you wouldn't believe.

"I think these were fifty cents," Lisa said. "All of the Stouffer's were free though."

And she's willing to share the art of extreme couponing in private classes for anyone who wants in on extreme savings.

"I start with the basics of even how to cut the coupons, how to organize the binder, and how to do it in the most efficient way," Lisa said. "I go though each store's shopping rules and policies. There are so many little details."

"I saw this on Facebook, and I said, "I have to get in on this," Jessica Williams said. "I have a four-week-old at home, and any money I can save - I'm going to save it."

Lisa gives a handout in her class, and it teaches shoppers when, where, and how to use coupons in the most effective way. She even goes into detail on different kinds of coupons, mobile, digital, printed, and newspaper.

"So now, that $2.68 cent milk that was $3.98 at Walmart just got a lot cheaper," Lisa said.

Lisa said if you learn the sales cycles, a lot of things in her stock pile, you can get for free.

The coupon expert warned that once you do get the hang of catching these deals, it can be addictive, but she has a motto.

"Always save where you can so you can spend where you want and need," Lisa said.

Lisa is serious about her savings, and says the time it takes to coupon is well worth it.

"My coupons in my binder spend just like your George Washingtons in your wallet," Lisa said.

Lisa will be having an extreme couponing class on November 1st in Kennard at Faith Tabernacle.

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