East Texas Couple say adoption is the route to go

East Texas Couple say adoption is the route to go

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Currently, hundreds of East Texas kids need a home. However, only a small fraction of them will get placed in a home.

Chris and Courtney Quinto have two healthy boys, five-year-old Bryson and nine month old Everett. However, just six years ago the couple thought having a family would not happened for them.

When Courtney Quinto was 17 weeks pregnant doctors told her she had incompetent cervix, after she gave birth to the couple child.

"After we lost our first son that was hard," said Courtney Quinto. "I have always wanted to be a mom."

She said due to her condition she didn't know if she could successfully carry the baby but she did

"But she was on bed rest for a majority of her pregnancy," said Chris Quinto.

The difficult pregnancy opened the Quinto's eyes.

"We were grateful for that but our family never felt complete," said Courtney Quinto.

"Because of her problem maintaining the pregnancy we felt that the best way to expand our family was to adopt," said Chris Quinto.

The couple said after researching their option they found there were so many kids that needed homes.

According to Buckner International currently there are 30,000 kids in foster care in the state of Texas and of that number 3,000 of them live in East Texas. Wendy Robuck spokesperson for Buckner International said many of these kids don't get a loving home.

"There are just two percent of families that adopt," said Robuck.

After seeing the data the couple knew they had to adopt. Robuck said every case is handled differently. The couple were screen and went through a series of training classes and about a year and a half later they got to adopt little Harlie. However things got complicated during the process when the couple got some unexpected news.

"My wife found out she was pregnant," said Chris Quinto.

"I was immediately scare and worried that they were going to need to remove her from our house but they didn't see that it was going to be a problem," said Courtney Quinto.

The Quinto's said that adopting was one of the best decisions they have made and someday they plan on telling her about their decision.

"For us it's definitely something that we want her to know and we want her to understand that we picked her," said Chris Quinto.

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